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Airetic Tin of Grip


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Airetic Friction Grip



The Airetic Tin of Grip is a small tin filled with a special friction rosin. It is designed to add more grip to nylon strings around the finger loop so the string doesn't accidentally fall off.

You use the Tin of Grip by grabbing an Airetic String, then you lay the loop across the friction rosin, pin the loop down with the pad of your thumb and rub it through the friction rosin. Similar to shown in the video below. Repeat the process 8-10 times for the best grip ever!

ATTENTION! Airetic Friction rosin is designed and intended to be used in temperatures of 37 degrees (100 F) or less. Tin of Grip is easily able to withstand normal temperatures of daily life, like pockets, backpacks, household temperatures, etc. If you do happen to forget it in some place warm, no worries. Just let it cool back down to room temperature before you open it and try to use it, and it wil be as good as new!


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