Airetic Standard 4-Pack (Nylon)


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Airetic yoyo strings



Airetic Standard strings are some of the absolute best 100% Nylon strings on the market today. This Standard version is their primary that they base everything else they make off of.

All Airetic yoyo strings are being handmade in USA from where they are also designed.As mentioned these strings are made of 100% Nylon which gives them a unique and fantastic feel compared to the typical yoyo strings that are made of Polyester. These Airetic Standard strings are thicker than most others, they are softer and more comfortable to play with in general. And they are incredible for whips and slack-tricks.

The price for the Airetic Standard Nylon strings are a bit higher than normal Polyester strings, but they last way longer. The Airetic Standard strings typically last for about 10-20 hours of playtime while the most normal Polyester strings last for about 0,5-1 hour.

The length of the Airetic strings are approximately 145cm (58") uncut.


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