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MK1 Umbra


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The new Umbra by MK1 Yoyos is a fantastic yoyo made in collaboration with Jordan Blofeld, known for making very high quality yoyos with Smashing Yoyo Company. And the Umbra definitely lives up to that reputation.

It is 55mm wide and has the same diameter, and the weight destribution makes it feel so well balanced and stable. If you are into wide yoyos, or have been thinking of trying one out, this MK1 Umbra is definitely worth a shot.


Additional Information

Weight61,00 g
Diameter55,00 mm
Width55,00 mm
Gap Width4,70 mm
BearingCenter Trac Bearing
Response systemSilicone Pads (Slim, 19 mm)
Material7068 Aluminium
Play StyleString Tricks (advanced)