TopYo Creater


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TopYo Creater is the ultimate beginner yoyo, if you are ambitious about yoyoing. It comes with two bearings and axles; one for responsive play and one for unresponsive play. That means you can start out with the responsive play and when you're comfortable enough with that you can easily upgrade to unresponsive play.

It has a kind of undersized and oldschool feeling which makes it really cool, and being an undersized yoyo makes it the perfect every day carry!


Additional Information

Weight66,50 g
Diameter55,00 mm
Width38,00 - 40,00 mm (depends on the bearing)
Gap WidthDepends on the bearing
BearingTopYo 5 Cuts Bearing (unresponsive) & TopYo Thin Bearing (responsive)
Response systemTopYo Silikone Pads
Play StyleString Tricks (beginner-intermediate)