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SF has done it again! With the new Motive yoyo, which is a signature yoyo of the American yoyoer Connor Seals, they have made yet another absolutely amazing and stunnign yoyo. SF Motive is a very competitive oriented yoyo that gives you all the speed and precision you need to be able to compete at the absolute highest level.

The Motive yoyo has a quite aggressive shape with lots of rimweight due to the placement of the steel rings. Speed, agility and balance are three words that describes the Motive very well.


Additional Information

Weight64,70 g
Diameter55,00 mm
Width45,90 mm
Gap WidthN/A
BearingCenter Trac Bearing
Response systemSilicone Pads (Slim, 19 mm)
Material7068 Aluminium & Stainless Steel Rings
Play StyleString Tricks (advanced)