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Combining two different metals in a yoyo is not easy. ANd if you add a third material, POM, to that equation it definitely does not get any easier. Despite that, that is exactly what TopYo have done with their new flagship model; The TOP beta.

The unique combination of 7003 Aluminium, Stainless Steel and POM makes it super versitile. It it very well-balanced between power, speed and stability and plays great.

It comes with two different finishes. The hub is glossy which makes it pop out and look super beautiful. And the body is matte and is amazing for grinds.


Additional Information

Weight64,00 g
Diameter56,00 mm
Width43,00 mm
Gap Width4,50 mm
BearingTopYo 5 Cuts Bearing
Response systemTopYo Silicone Pads
Material7003 Aluminium & Stainless Steel rims + POM parts
Play StyleString Tricks (advanced)