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SF Cadence ES


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SF Yoyos



The Cadence ES by SF Yoyos is an upgraded version of the original (and kind of legendary already) Cadence yoyo - the signature yoyo of Keiran Cooper from the United States. The Cadence has quickly become one of the most popular monometal yoyos around and we understand why. It plays so well balanced, powerful and fast.

WIth the new Cadence ES version they redesigned it to have a more rimweighted feeling. The edges are a bit more rounded which gives the yoyo a softer and more comfortable catch. Also they narrrowed the gap a tiny bit to make the yoyo have slightly tighter binds.

This Cadence ES yoyo is definitely a must have for every yoyoer. If you haven't bought a Cadence yet, trust me, you won't regret doing so.


Additional Information

Weight65,20 g
Diameter55,00 mm
Width46,50 mm
Gap Width4,50 mm
BearingCenter Trac Bearing
Response systemSilicone Pads
Material7068 Aluminium
Play StyleString Tricks (advanced)