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SF Yoyos



The dream has finally come true; SF PLSTC is a reality! For a long time SF Yoyos has been well known for making beautiful high end yoyos at relatively low prices. And now they finally succeeded in making the ultimate beginners yoyo from plastic, the PLSTC. With the SF PLSTC they have created a yoyo that can be used and bought by almost everyone out there.

A super cool feature with the SF PLSTC yoyo is that it comes with TWO bearings. One for responsive play and one for unresponsive play. That way you can begin with the responsive play and build your base and once you feel comfortable you can upgrade to unresponsive and basically do any trick possible with the PLSTC.

SF PLSTC is made of plastic (polycarbonate) and is designed with a modern shape and weightdistribution which makes it very well balanced, smooth and comfortable to play with for a longer period of time. If you have any doubts about the PLSTC please do check out the video here below - it can handle almost everything ;)


Additional Information

Weight64,00 g
Diameter56,00 mm
Width47,00 mm
Gap Width4,45 mm
BearingSlim Bearing & Center Trac Bearing
Response systemSlim Pads, 19 mm
Play StyleString Tricks (beginner-intermediate)