YoyoFriends Magpie


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YoyoFriends Yoyo



YoyoFriends Magpie is the new monometal yoyo by YoyoFriends. They really made a name for themselves with their first yoyo, the amazing Hummingbird  which is one of our all time favourites here at YoyoWorld. They really set the bar high with the Hummingbird so making a second yoyo after that is a real challenge. But wow they have done an amazing job with the new Magpie.

The YoyoFriends Magpie is a monometal yoyo made of 7068 aluminium giving it a super powerful feel and makes it very durable. It is wide and very rim-weighted and smooth as glass. They lowered the weight half a gram from the prototype to the production version, and at the final 64,70 g it plays absolutely amazing. Somehow feels like a mix between a ND Ultra, Cadence and Corruption.


Additional Information

Weight64,70 g
Diameter54,52 mm
Width46,43 mm
Gap Width4,78 mm
BearingCenter Trac Bearing
Response systemSlim Pads, 19 mm
Material7068 Aluminium
Play StyleString Tricks (advanced)