The past year or so I have been puzzling with a new project trying to figure out how we can make yoyoing more profitable for all the yoyo players that are spending so many hours practising and money travelling around the world to yoyo contests. Last year I tried to do that by sponsoring a lot of cash prizes for yoyo contests, which I ofcourse will continue doing, but I feel like it isn't enough. So I have been thinking. How can I, we, YoyoWorld, help yoyo players financially so that we make sure the money goes in their pocket. I finally figured it out!

YoyoWorld Academy

I am super happy to present to you; YoyoWorld Academy. This will work as a kind of a fund where yoyo players from all around the world can apply for cash to have their travel and accomodation costs covered. Not all yoyo players will be able to apply though. To do so you have to live up to the following criterias:

  •  - You have to participate in at least one division at the given yoyo contest.
  •  - You can not be sponsored by another yoyo company.
  •  - You have to be at least 18 years old (or have your parents's accept to travel).

The way this works is that you send in your application via e-mail. All of the applications will be reviewed and replied to every week. Your application has to contain at least the following:

  •  - Has to be sent at least 1 month before the yoyo contest starts via e-mail to
  •  - Your name.
  •  - Description of you and why you think that you should have our support.
  •  - What contest you are going to and what division you will be competing in.
  •  - How much you estimate the travelling and accommodation to cost.
  •  - An overview of your previous results at yoyo contests. 

If you send an application and is good/lucky enough to have our support, we will send you a special YoyoWorld Academy t-shirt and hoodie that you will have to wear on stage performing your freestyle(s).

As a beginning we will have a guaranteed payout of at least 2.000 EUR (15.000 DKK) for this year, 2019. Hopefully that will grow each year.

If you have any questions related to this please do send an e-mail at with "yoyoworld academy" as a subject.

Thank you for reading!

All the best,
Lars, YoyoWorld