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This fantastic CLYW Bonfire in the beautiful Ash Berry colorway is from my own personal yoyo collection. It is one of the oldschool CLYW yoyos in super high quality. It has been played and loved and has some scratches and marks because of that, but it is still an absolutely amazing yoyo and a joy to play with. It comes with the original box and 1 pcs. of polyester string.

Cosmetics: 8/10 - It has some light scratches around the rims and a few marks and scuffs as well. But they are actually not super visible because of the colorway of the yoyo so you don't really notice them.

Playability: 8/10 - It does vibe a bit on the fingernail because of the scratches and marks it has gotten. It does not affect the playability too much though, because it still plays great and super fun.


Additional Information

Weight65,90 g
Diameter55,10 mm
Width42,25 mm
Gap Width4,70 mm
Response systemCLYW Snow Tires
Play StyleString Tricks (advanced)