Team YoyoWorld

The team behind YoyoWorld

Lars ThomsenCamilla Enevoldsen
Lars ThomsenCamilla Enevoldsen
The founder and owner of YoyoWorld. Driven by passion for yoyos. Hands on everything from customer service to order handling, etc.Takes care of customers, packs and ships orders and assist at events.
Yoyo: Throw Revolution Zephyr IIYoyo: SDYY Flow
Snor: TopYo Super FatSnor: KittyString Fat
Stil: String TricksStil: String Tricks


YoyoWorld Ambassadors

Daniel MunkholmFrederik Kjob - YoyoWorld Ambassador
Daniel MunkholmFrederik Kjob
Yoyo: C3 M.O.V.EYoyo: Throw Revolution Zephyr II
Snor: KittyString FatSnor: SLACKiES Pro
Stil: String TricksStil: String Tricks


Are you our new ambassador?

We are always looking to expand our team of ambassadors, and hopefully eventually send them off to both Nationals and international yoyo contests such as EYYC and WYYC.

Is that you? Then please feel free to send us a message with a little description about yourself and why you want to be a part of our team.


You can also find our official Team YoyoWorld hoodies and t-shirts right HERE on the shop.