TopYo Silenus


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The Silenus by TopYo is one of the absolute coolest yoyos we have on YoyoWorld (at least we think so). It is considered as one of the best budget metal yoyos out there and we understand why! It is made of the usual high quality by TopYo and the many different and beautiful colorways available are just amazing.

The TopYo Silenus is a relatively wide yoyo with a good catch zone and has a super nice feel in the hand. So much fun to play with. An absolute must in every yoyo collection - question is how many of them you want because choosing between all the stunning colorways is not easy!


Additional Information

Weight67,60 g
Diameter55,00 mm
Width46,50 mm
Gap Width4,60 mm
BearingTopYo 5 Cuts Bearing
Response systemTopYo Silicone Pads
Play StyleString Tricks (advanced)