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YoYoFactory BiND


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YoYoFactory BiND is the new bi-metal version of the very popular YoYoFactory ND yoyo, which is the signature yoyo of the American yoyoer Nate Dailey, and one of our own absolute favourite yoyos from YoYoFactory ever. So we are ofcourse super excited about this new bi-metal ND, BiND yoyo.

YoYoFactory has designed the BiND with inside brass rings and kind of hidden the brass with aluminium to avoid the downsides of playing with brass for a longer period of time. The brass rings gives the BiND some serious rim-weight which makes it super powerful and looooooooooong spinning. Feels so good playing with it. On top of that the double aluminium allows YoYoFactory to give the yoyo some cool colorways.


Additional Information

Weight67,10 g
Diameter56,66 mm
Width46,15 mm
Gap Width4,65 mm
BearingCBC Center Trac Bearing
Response systemSlim Pads, 19 mm
Material6061 Aluminium & Brass Rings
Play StyleString Tricks (advanced)