YoYoFactory KUI


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YoYoFactory yoyo'er



The new and amazing KUI yoyo from YoYoFactory is specially designed to be the ultimate after-dark yoyo. That is because this metal yoyo is made with a built-in LED light placed in the cup under a polycarbonate cap that holds the LED light in place.

Further more the yoyo comes with UV LED light that can be powered by a powerbank. So power it up and place it in front of you and your string will glow! You will be able to film some super cool trick videos.


Additional Information

Weight66,30 g
Diameter56,25 mm
Width46,25 mm
Gap Width4,70 mm
BearingCBC Center Trac Bearing
Response systemCBC Slim Pads (19 mm)
MaterialAluminium & Plastic
Play StyleString Tricks (advanced)