YoYoFactory Shutter Wide Angle


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Shutter Wide Angle from YoYoFactory is a modernisation of the original and legendary Shutter yoyo which is the signature yoyo of the World Champion Gentry Stein. The new Shutter Wide Angle is also the yoyo that was used to win the European Championship 2019.

It has been designed to be wider, hence the name, more powerful and more competition friendly due to the larger catchzone. It is an amazing yoyo and definitely one of the best allround yoyos out there.


Additional Information

Weight64,30 g
Diameter56,00 mm
Width48,00 mm
Gap Width4,55 mm
BearingCBC Center Trac Bearing
Response systemCBC Slim Pads (19 mm)
Play StyleString Tricks (advanced)