YoyoFriends Sync


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YoyoFriends Yoyo



It has been a work in progress for a while but now it is finally here - the new budget metal yoyo by the amazing YoyoFriends; The SYNC. YoyoFriends are especially known for their first premium yoyo, the Hummingbird (to this day still one of our absolute favourite yoyos). Extremely high build quality and consistency. And the new SYNC is definitely not an exception.

It has a kind of Raytracer / Corruption feeling to it, so if you like those yoyos you will most definitely love this SYNC yoyo. It is rimweighted and very well balanced, handles speed as well. All in all a super fun yoyo that will give you a looot of value for the pricetag. Another super cool thing about this yoyo is all the different colorways.


Additional Information

Weight64,50 g
Diameter56,57 mm
Width45,00 mm
Gap Width4,45 mm
BearingCenter Trac Bearing
Response systemSlim Pads, 19 mm
Play StyleString Tricks (advanced)